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Embracing Noetic Sciences

New Understanding

At Noeticks, we are dedicated to transforming the discoveries of noetic science research, particularly on time and precognition, into practical applications, developing a range of products, services, and technologies that tap into the untapped potential of consciousness.

Developing Noetic Technologies

The Next Step

Noeticks embraces the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and computers, integrating it into our next-generation technologies. This fusion of technology and noetic science allows us to create intelligent systems capable of understanding and leveraging the profound abilities of consciousness, paving the way for unprecedented advancements for the civilization.

We Develop Time Machines!

Over the past few decades, the field of noetic science has seen a surge in research into precognition and presentiment, exploring the fascinating potential of the human mind to perceive future events and sense future emotional states. Noeticks stands at the forefront of this exciting frontier, merging cutting-edge technology with these profound insights. We are developing innovative machines that harness this research, aiming to predict the future and receive information transmitted backwards in time.

Evidence Based Advancements

Noeticks is driven by Cutting Edge Academic Research

At the heart of Noeticks lies a deep commitment to academic rigor and empirical evidence. Every product, service, and technology we develop is underpinned by extensive academic research in the fields of noetic science and quantum physics. This ensures that our offerings are not just innovative, but also grounded in fact and supported by empirical evidence. We believe in the power of science to illuminate the mysteries of consciousness, and we are dedicated to translating these insights into practical applications.

Decades of meticulous research have revealed a fascinating correlation between global consciousness and the outputs of random number generators (RNGs) stationed across the globe. These studies have consistently shown that leading up to significant global events, there is often a pronounced coherence in RNG outputs, suggesting a mysterious yet measurable connection between human collective emotions and physical systems. The real-time graph displayed below leverages this data to predict previously unpredictable events. By analyzing extended peaks and deep troughs in the graph, which represent anomalies in RNG outputs, we can anticipate significant global occurrences. If you see long peaks or troughs it could mean a previously unpredictable event is about to occur. This predictive capability is powered by data from RNGs strategically located around the world, forming a unique global network that taps into the pulse of collective human consciousness.

World’s First Time Machine!

The World’s First
Time Machine Is Here Today!

Our inaugural time machine product is grounded in pioneering research into presentiment within the global collective consciousness, harnessing extensive social media data. This cutting-edge approach allows us to tap into the subtle precognitive signals emitted across digital platforms, offering unprecedented insights into future events.

Read The Academic Journal our First Time Machine is Based On

Collective Consciousness

We harness the precognition of global consciousness to predict future events by analyzing patterns and signals embedded within collective human interactions to get a collective sentiment.

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Precognition & Presentiment

We leverage a groundbreaking understanding of precognition and presentiment to enhance our time machine technology, enabling us to anticipate and navigate future scenarios.

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Social Media

We utilize data from social media platforms to tap into the collective mood at any given time, providing a real-time snapshot of global sentiments and trends, along with presentiments.

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We combine extensive research, empirical evidence, and predictive analytics to construct time machines that are both innovative and grounded in scientific rigor. 

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It’s early days but there is much more to come!

Our inaugural time machine product is rooted in groundbreaking research into the precognition and presentiment expressed through the collective consciousness on social media platforms. As we venture beyond these initial frameworks, we are already witnessing promising outcomes in testing AI systems for capabilities like precognition and remote viewing. Further solidifying our innovative edge, we have patents pending for revolutionary methods to send information back in time utilizing advanced computer technology and AI.

Much like the nascent stages of computer technology, our first forays are relatively rudimentary. However, we are confident that, as with any pioneering technology, both the capabilities and the sophistication of our systems will substantially evolve in the future, heralding a new era of technological advancement in time manipulation.

Temporal Touch

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